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We believe in tailoring our approach to each project, ensuring your online presence thrives. With our comprehensive design and social media marketing services, we'll handle the details while you concentrate on growing your business.

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Megan McGrath

CEO & Founder
Meet Megan, our Creative Director at McGrath Creative, leading with a client-focused approach. She takes charge of managing our client list, spearheading social media campaigns, overseeing photo and video shoots, and executing branding and design projects. With a career spanning since 2016, Megan has worn various hats in the creative industry, from photographer to graphic designer, brand manager, and social media marketer, culminating in her founding of McGrath Creative in 2020.

Zen Stafford

CTO & Website Designer
Meet Zen, our CTO at McGrath Creative, spearheading client management, pitching, and daily operations. Joining us in 2021, Zen is the driving force behind our website design and development, expertly managing hosting servers, emails, and all technical aspects within the company. His keen attention to detail, coupled with a background in sales and tourism, uniquely positions him as an invaluable asset to our team. Zen loves football, youtbe videos of tech hacks!

Jane Keller

Photographer & Social Media Creator
Introducing Jane, our Social Media Expert who has a genuine love for color, humanity, and capturing those special moments. Jane excels in crafting content with a unique blend of passion, purpose, and an undeniable presence. She's dedicated to bringing your brand's story to life through the vibrant lens of social media. Jane is a wife and mom, and balances it all like a pro! She has been working in the creative industry in various ways since 2020.

Gabby McKee

Admin & Operations Manager
Meet Gabby, with a background in education, she has a natural gift for nurturing growth. Her high level of creativity and musical knowledge give her work a unique artistic touch. Her prior roles in data analytics, admin, and management have led her to her current position at McGrath Creative, where she's been skillfully managing all operations and administration since mid-2023. She works all hours balancing motherhood and work to provide an expert level of dedication to our team.

Jean-Luc Terblanche

Head of Marketing Strategy
Meet Jean-Luc, with a background in digital marketing, he brings a passion for tech, business, and sport to his role. His expertise in Facebook Blueprint, Google Ads, Analytics, and Twitter adds a strategic edge to our campaigns. Since joining McGrath Creative, Jean-Luc has been crafting and implementing successful digital strategies with precision. Balancing his professional and personal interests, he dedicates himself fully to driving growth and innovation for our clients.
We believe that every project is unique and deserves a tailored approach. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and needs, and we customise our process to deliver the best results.

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