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While McGrath Creative has been a solo endeavor for a while, no one can do it alone. We partner with diversely skilled professionals, web designers, coders, videographers, illustrators and more.

When you partner with McGrath Creative, you get to benefit from many other individuals’ skill sets too.

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Megan McGrath - Creative Director & Founder

Megan McGrath

Creative Director & Founder

Megan is a trained and experienced Graphic Designer, Photographer and Digital Marketing whizz. She wears a different cap each day, and does her best to keep the company road bumps to a minimum. She is fuelled by coffee, her love for dramatic art, tree lined streets and listening to the waves at night.

Zen Stafford - Design & Website Development

Zen Stafford

Design & Website Development

Zen is the co-owner of McGrath Creative and the resident dev and web design whizz who is constantly mastering new ways to uplevel brands and companies through gorgeously curated websites, online store and anything tech based. He has a passion for NGOs and NPOs, nerds out over Rick and Morty.

Oli Heistein - Photo Retoucher

Oli Heistein

Photograph Retoucher

With a background in photography, Oli decided to put down the camera and pick up the mouse and transform images to bring them up to top class standards, and believe us, he is the perfectionist you want to help with your brand. When not at his PC he is probably messing around in the kitchen whipping up some new delight or coaxing his forest of houseplants to grow!

Bronwyn Nell - Content Writer

Bronwyn Nell

Content Writer

Bron has a way with words, a knowledge of humans, and an ability to communicate that is rarely found. Her heart is in community development and focusing on small companies. She really does believe that local is lekker and this comes across in how she will work to portray your company online. Bron is happiest with a cup of tea, an episode of Friends, or going for a run in the forest.  

Jonny Durand - Videographer

Jonny Durand


The man can bring any space to life with his unique take on the industry, his playful approaches to editing, and his ability to work in any environment you put him in. Jonny has more than 10 years in the photography and videgoraphy industry and will wow you with what he can create in just a few hours. Not just a creator through the lens, but an acrobat, but also the world’s most fun Dad.