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We are a creative design and branding agency in Cape Town, specialising in website design, graphic design, domain purchases, hosting and PR.


Our Services

We are passionate about ideas, creativity and being a driving force in our field to give our clients what they need. We pull from our creative team and your dreams and ideas to create something unique to you and beautifully designed.

Website Design with McGrath Creative Agency

Website Design

Graphic Design with McGrath Creative Agency

Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing with McGrath Creative Agency

Social Media Marketing

Website & Email Hosting with McGrath Creative Agency

Web & Email Hosting

Brand Creation with McGrath Creative Agency

Brand Creation

Photography with McGrath Creative Agency


Brands That Trust Us

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Did you know?

  • Spotify’s name comes from the etymology of the words ‘spot’ and ‘identify’.
  • The company currently has 44 offices that operate internationally. 
  • Illegal music downloads decreased significantly after Spotify was introduced in Europe.
  • Free users once had a limit to how many songs they could listen to in a month.
  • Spotify has a separate headquarters for its different regions. 

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Let's work together!

While McGrath Creative has been a solo endeavor for a while. We partner with diversely skilled professionals, web designers, coders, videographers, illustrators and more to ensure you receive the highest quality of work.

When you work with McGrath Creative Agency, you get to benefit from many other individuals’ skill sets too! 

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